5 Reasons Why using an EMI Calculator can help you to save on Home Loan

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Financial planning is a fundamental aspect of borrowing, as it helps you avoid unexpected burdens in the future. This is especially true when you are applying for a home loan, as it usually involves a substantial loan amount.

As such, choosing a suitable tenure, calculating the ideal loan amount, and comparing interest rates is crucial. Such decisions have a direct impact on your long-term finances. So, you must use a reliable tool to plan your home loan before you apply.

The Bajaj Markets: EMI Calculator App makes this easier than ever. This efficient tool allows you to get fast and accurate results and even save more on your home loan EMIs. Here are all the ways you can use it to make smart choices.  


To Plan Your Repayment

Using the Bajaj Markets EMI calculator will help you eliminate all guesswork as you can decide your loan terms accurately. On the app, choose the home loan option and enter the loan amount, tenure and applicable rate of interest to get your EMI amount in seconds.

For example, say you want to take a home loan for ₹30 Lakhs and the lender offers an interest rate of 8.50% as per your eligibility. In that case, you can choose a feasible EMI plan based on variable tenure options, as shown below.

Home Loan Amount  Tenure  Monthly EMI Total Amount Payable
₹30,00,000 120 months ₹37,196 ₹44,63,485
₹30,00,000 180 months ₹29,542 ₹53,17,594
₹30,00,000 240 months ₹26,035 ₹62,48,327

Disclaimer: The aforementioned values have been calculated using the Bajaj Markets EMI calculator.

With the help of this tool, you can evaluate how a longer tenure will reduce your EMI but increase your interest outgo in the long term. You can also change the loan amount to see its impact on your EMIs. A higher loan amount will lead to higher EMIs and vice versa.

Using this EMI calculator helps you assess your monthly payments so you can opt for a higher EMI if it is manageable within your existing budget.


To Compare Interest Rates of Different Lenders

There are umpteen home loan lenders offering various interest rates and other terms. How do you choose the ideal one? Use the same tool to zero in on the best option. All you need to do is calculate your EMIs using the different interest rate offers, keeping all other terms the same.

Consider a hypothetical example. Say you want to take a ₹30 Lakh home loan for a tenure of 20 years. Here is how the EMI differs for variable interest rates.

Interest rates (per annum) Home Loan Amount  Monthly EMI Total Amount Payable
6% ₹30,00,000 ₹28,657 ₹68,77,738
7% ₹30,00,000 ₹31,012 ₹74,42,870
7.5% ₹30,00,000 ₹32,224 ₹77,33,695

Disclaimer: The aforementioned values have been calculated using the Bajaj Markets EMI calculator.


A Step-By-Step Guide to Using the Bajaj Markets: EMI Calculator App

You can easily check your EMI amount by following these steps:

  •       Step 1: Open the Bajaj Markets: EMI Calculator App
  •       Step 2: Select your loan type as Home Loan
  •       Step 3: Enter the loan amount
  •       Step 4: Add the applicable interest rate
  •       Step 5: Select your preferred loan tenure 


“Since different lenders offer varying interest rates based on your eligibility, tenure and other factors, always compare multiple options and make a smart decision using the EMI Calculator app. Download it today from Google Play or the App Store and take the first step to becoming a homeowner!



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