Common Accounting and Related Full Forms – A, B, C

AAA American Accounting Association
AIA Association of International Accountants
ACCA Association Of Chartered Certified Accountants
AMEX American Stock Exchange ( Also Used to Refer American Express)
ACCT Account
ATM Automated Teller Machine
ACH Account Clearing House
ACMA Associate Cost and Management Accountant
ADR American Depository Receipt
AGM Annual General Meeting
AICPA American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
AIMS Account Information Management System
AIG American International Group
AMA American Management Association
AQB Average Quarterly Balance
AP Accounts Payable
APA American Payroll Association
APCA Australian Payments Clearing Association
APO Automatic Payment Order
APR Annual Percentage Rate
ASSOCHAM Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India
B/F Brought Forward
BSE Bombay Stock Exchange
BACS   Bankers’ Automated Clearing Services
BARS Budgeting Accounting And Reporting Systems
BBA Bachelor of Business Administration
B/D Brought Down
BEP Break Even Point
BV Book Value
BBA Budget Balance Available
CA Chartered Accountant
CPA Certified Public Accountant
CIA Certified Internal Auditor
CFO Chief Financial Officer 
CFP Certified Financial Planner
CASA Current Accounts and Saving Accounts
 CBA  Cost-Benefit Analysis
COGS Cost of Goods Sold
CIF Cost, Insurance & Freight
CAPEX Capital Expenditure


Common Accounting and Related Full Forms – D, E, F, G, H, I

Dr. Debit
DD Demand Draft
DAO Defense Accounting Office
DSO Days Sales Outstanding
DPO Days Payable Outstanding
DCF Discounted Cash Flow
EY Ernst & Young
EPS Earnings Per Share
EOD End of Day
EOM End of Month
EMI Equated Monthly Installment
EBIT Earnings Before Interest and Taxes
EBIDT Earnings Before Interest, Depreciation, and Taxes
EBITDA Earnings Before Depreciation, Interest, Taxes, and Amortization
ESOP Employee Stock Ownership Plan
F&A Finance and Accounting
FA Fixed Assets
FY Fiscal Year
FTC Federal Trade Commission
FRS Financial Reporting Standard
FYA For Your Action
FYI For Your Information
FASB Financial Accounting Standards Board
FACTS Fast Automatic Cash Transfer System
FASB Financial Accounting Standards Board
FIFO First In First Out
FMCG Fast Moving Consumer Goods
FINRA Financial Industry Regulatory Authority
FP&A Financial Planning & Analysis
GL General Ledger
GP Gross Profit
GIT Goods In Transit
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GST Goods and Services Tax
GIC General Insurance Corporation of India
GAAR General Anti Avoidance Rule
GAAP Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
HNI High Net Worth Individual
IAS International Accounting Standards
ISO International Standards Organization


Common Accounting and Related Full Forms – I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P

IPO Initial Public Offering
IRS Internal Revenue Service
ITR Income Tax Returns
IIA Institute of Internal Auditors
ILO International Labor Organization
IMF International Monetary Fund
IASB International Accounting Standards Board
IFRS International Financial Reporting Standards
ICAI Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
JE Journal Entry
JV Joint Venture
JRN Journal
JIT Just In Time
K Used For Thousand (,000)
KPMG Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler
LE Legal Entity
LTV Loan To Value
LOC Line of Credit
LLC Limited Liability Company
LIFO Last In First Out
LBO Leverage Buyout
 LTC Leave Travel Concession
MBA Masters In Business Administration
MoM Month Over Month
MRP Maximum Retail Price
MTD Month-To-Date
NSE National Stock Exchange (India)
NPV Net Present Value
NPAT Net Profit After Tax
NYSE New York Stock Exchange
OH Overheads
OTC Order To Cash
OCR Optical Character Recognition
OPEX Operational Expenditure
PF Provident Fund
PV Present Value
P&L Profit and Loss Account
P/E Price To Earnings Ratio
PAT Profit After Tax
PBT Profit Before Tax


Common Accounting and Related Full Forms – P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W

PAN Permanent Account Number
PD Post Dated
PD Per Diem
PDC Post Dated Check
PIF Paid/Payment In Full
P2P/PTP Purchase To Pay
PSGL People Soft General Ledger
PARS Property Accountability Record System
QoQ Quarter On Quarter
QTR Quarter
R&D Research & Development
RCA Root Cause Analysis
RFP Request For Proposal
RBI Reserve Bank Of India
RBS Royal Bank of Scotland
ROI Return On Investment
ROR Rate of Return
ROE Return On Equity
ROCE Return on Capital Employed
SAP Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing (Eng)
SAS Statistical Analysis System
SOP Standard Operating Procedure
SEC Securities & Exchange Commission
SME Small and Medium Enterprises
SMA Separately Managed Account/Assets
SOX Sarbanes-Oxley Act
SWOB Salaries, Wages, Overhead and Benefits
SWOT Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats
SWIFT Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication
TB Trial Balance
T&E Travel & Expense or Travel & Entertainment Expenses
TDS Tax Deduction at Source
TAN Tax Account deduction Number
TIN Tax Identification Number
TXN Transaction
VC Variable Cost
VC Video Call
VAT Value Added Tax
VPF Voluntary Provident Fund
WC Working Capital


Common Accounting and Related Full Forms – W, X, Y, Z

W/T Wire Transfer
WIP Work In Progress
WoW Week over Week
WPI Wholesale Price Index
WACC Weighted Average Cost of Capital
YoY Year On Year
YTD Year To Date
ZB Zero Balance


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