Accounting Acronyms

Common Accounting and Related Full Forms – A, B, C

 AAA  American Accounting Association
 AIA  Association of International Accountants
 ACCA  Association Of Chartered Certified Accountants
 AMEX  American Stock Exchange ( Also Used to Refer American Express )
 ACCT  Account
 ATM  Automated Teller Machine
 ACH  Account Clearing House
 ACMA  Associate Cost and Management Accountant
 ADR  American Depository Receipt
 AGM  Annual General Meeting
 AICPA  American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
 AIMS  Account Information Management System
 AIG  American International Group
 AMA  American Management Association
 AQB  Average Quarterly Balance
 AP  Accounts Payable
 APA  American Payroll Association
 APCA  Australian Payments Clearing Association
 APO  Automatic Payment Order
 APR  Annual Percentage Rate
 ASSOCHAM  Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India
 B/F  Brought Forward
 BSE  Bombay Stock Exchange
 BACS    Bankers’ Automated Clearing Services
 BARS  Budgeting Accounting And Reporting Systems
 BBA  Bachelor of Business Administration
 B/D  Brought Down
 BEP  Break Even Point
 BV  Book Value
 BBA  Budget Balance Available
 CA  Chartered Accountant
 CPA  Certified Public Accountant
 CIA  Certified Internal Auditor
 CFO  Chief Financial Officer 
 CFP  Certified Financial Planner
 CASA  Current Accounts and Saving Accounts
 CBA  Cost–Benefit Analysis
 COGS  Cost of Goods Sold
 CIF  Cost, Insurance & Freight
 CAPEX  Capital Expenditure