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Accounting Capital is here to serve students with accounting and finance concepts through examples. We also aim to support professionals & business owners understand more of F&A concepts at their workplace.


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Golden Book of Accounting and Finance Interviews - I

Free eBook with Top 40 questions asked in Accounting Interviews around the World.

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Coming Soon this Year!

Youtube channel alongside various different courses are currently under production to help the Finance fraternity around the World.

Accounting Blog


Continget assets, Fictitious assets, Intangible & Tangible Assets, etc.


Contingent liabilities, Current liabilities, Internal and External liabilities, etc.


Accrued Income, Revenue from operations, Income received in advance, etc.

Over 1,60,000
Monthly Readers


Preliminary expenses, Prepaid and Outstanding expenses, Revenue Expenditure, etc.

Basic Accounting

Discounts, Bad debts, Rules of Accounting, Debit and Credit, etc.

Journal Entries

Journal entry for various items such as Charity, Sale, Accruals, True-up, etc.

About 3,15,000
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Difference between various accounting and finance items.

Other F&A Topics

Cost Center, SOX, Accumulated Depreciation, Bill of exchange, etc.

Books and Accounts

Journal, Ledger, Subsidiary books, Contra accounts, etc.

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