About us

What are we here for?

Thousands of websites will be published this year. Why do you need one more accounting website?

www.AccountingCapital.com is a vision to provide people across the globe with a profusion of accounting & finance knowledge which is not only free of cost but also demonstrated in a way understandable to the layman. We believe that information is of no use to the audience if it is provided in a complex form, therefore we strive hard to provide an interesting yet very uncomplicated source of accounting & finance knowledge. Our attempt also includes building an interactive & dialogue-driven community involving guidance from industry experts.


Our Mission is to provide everything related to accounting & finance such as,

  • Help a student achieve his/her goals by understanding the very basics of F&A and establish firm fundamentals.
  • Assist a person to crack an accounting & finance or a related interview.
  • Help understand small business owners about accounting & bookkeeping concepts.
  • Other things which relate to accounting & finance professionals, students & businesses.
  • Many other things we haven’t even imagined yet :)


About the Author(s)

The content is constantly developed by professionals ranging from Bachelors to Masters in finance, a combined corporate experience of over 10 years keeps us ahead of the track. We thrive to provide the audience with the most appropriate & qualitative material.

We know that there are several good teaching sources out there, however, we strongly believe that more often than not a person needs a good mentor vs a good teaching source. We at Accounting Capital vow to be never complacent with our offerings to the audience & strive hard to become a “Great Mentor”.


“Let it be a never-ending quest of improvement”

 The website is more “about you”, The Audience.

Your Accounting & Finance Mentor!



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