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Can you give me a list of debit and credit items in trial balance?


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    Trial Balance

    Are you facing difficulty in understanding the crux of the trial balance? I would like to help you by providing the meaning followed by items to be included on either side of the trial balance.


    The term trial balance refers to as the total of all the general ledger balances. It is a statement prepared at a certain period to check the arithmetic accuracy of the accounts (i.e., whether they are mathematically correct and balanced). It contains a list of all the general ledger accounts.

    Trading account, Profit and Loss account and Balance Sheet are prepared according to the ledger balances as posted in the trial balance.

    Now its time to learn about the various items which are placed on either side of the trial balance.

    Items that appear on the debit side of trial balance

    Generally, assets and expenses have a positive balance so they are placed on the debit side of trial balance. An asset and expense increases when it is debited and visa versa

    Exclusive List of Items

    1. Land and Buildings
    2. Plant and Machinery
    3. Furniture and Fixtures
    4. Office Tools and Equipment
    5. Cash at Bank
    6. Cash in Hand
    7. Motor Van
    8. Loss from the sale of fixed assets
    9. Travelling charges
    10. Printing and postage expenses
    11. Legal expenses
    12. Selling and distribution expenses
    13. Sundry debtors
    14. Bills receivables
    15. Commission paid
    16. Rent paid
    17. Interest paid
    18. Discount allowed
    19. Opening stock
    20. Purchases
    21. Prepaid expenses
    22. Advertisement expenses
    23. Bad Debts
    24. Wages and salaries
    25. Bank charges

    Items that appear on the credit side of trial balance

    Generally capital, revenue and liabilities have credit balance so they are placed on the credit side of trial balance. The capital, revenue and liability increases when it is credited and visa versa.

    Exclusive List of Items

    1. Sundry Creditors
    2. Bank Overdraft/Loan
    3. Bills Payables
    4. Sales (Revenue)
    5. Purchase Returns
    6. Common stock
    7. Un-earned revenues
    8. Retained earnings
    9. Rent Received
    10. Interest Received
    11. Discount from Creditors
    12. Discount on Purchases
    13. Dividend Received
    14. Interest on Drawings
    15. Bad Debts recovered
    16. Provision on Bad Debts (Cr.)
    17. Apprentice premium
    18. Miscellaneous/Sundry income
    19. Commission received
    20. Bank interest received
    21. Compensation received
    22. Outstanding income
    23. Income from investments
    24. Bonds payable
    25. Other incomes


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