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Contingent Assets, Fictitious Assets, Intangible & Tangible Assets, etc.


Contingent Liabilities, Current liabilities, Internal & External Liabilities, etc.


Accrued Income, Income received in advance, Deferred Revenue Expense, etc.


Preliminary Expenses, Prepaid Expenses, Outstanding Expenses, Accrued, etc.


Discounts, Bad debts, Depreciation, Rules & Types of accounts, etc.

Journal Entries

Entries for discount, debts, expenses, incomes, assets, liabilities, etc.


Difference between various accounting and finance items. This vs That.

Books & Accounts

Journal, Ledger, Subsidiary books, Contra accounts, Trial balance, Income statement, etc.


A mix of other accounting topics that can not be included in other headings.


Our team constantly creates practice quizzes, self-evaluations, and mock exams.


Frequently asked accounting interview questions in the form of blogs, eBooks, etc.


An active community and forum are available with the help of Accounting Capital.

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