How to do MCOM from IGNOU?

Masters in Commerce IGNOU

MCOM from Indira Gandhi National Open University

So you are done with your graduation and now you may be looking forward to a post-graduate masters degree which focuses on accounting, management, commerce etc.

If you’re looking to study regular college then the top regular commerce colleges are the ones you are looking for such as SRCC, Loyola, Xaviers etc. MCOM from IGNOU is a suitable choice for someone who is looking for a distance program. SOMS or School of Management Studies is the department which has the responsibility of the design and delivery of all IGNOU’s management courses.




Details of MCOM from IGNOU

 Eligibility  You need to be a graduate from a recognized university
 Minimum Duration  2 Years
 Maximum Duration  5 Years
 Course Fees  Rs 11,000
 Age  There is no age bar
 Language  Hindi/English
 Session Time  July – December & January – June
 Others  Expect 6 Subjects each year with 6 Credits each


Other Course Details

Some features of this program are:

  • Material provided for studies is enriched with multimedia to assist students in their learning and growth.
  • Operational activities of business are kept in the limelight which helps in a more practical understanding of the real life scenarios.
  • Teleconferencing is encouraged and has been included as a regular practice.
  • Students


From IGNOU you can also choose to do MCOM which focuses on specific area of study such as:

  • MCOM in Finance & Taxation, Click Here for more details on MCOM (F&T)
  • MCOM in Business Policy & Corporate Governance, Click Here for more details on MCOM (BP&CG)
  • MCOM in Management Accounting & Financial Strategies, Click Here for more details on MCOM (MA&FS)



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