How to Find Homeowners Insurance by Address

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Homeowners insurance (HOI) is an important part of owning property. Coverage may help you cover losses from thieves or help you get reimbursed for medical bills if you happen to slip and fall. Therefore, it’s important to know what HOI is, how it works, and how to find out information about policies in your area.

Thankfully, it’s not hard to find information about homeowners when you use an address lookup tool. Additionally, you can reach out to members of your community or look for more information. We’ll show you the fastest ways below.


What Is Homeowners Insurance?

Homeowners insurance (HOI) is a type of insurance that’s available for people who own homes or properties. Typically, it’s a single-premium insurance plan that covers property insurance and liability.

Depending on the insurance policy, damage from pets or severe weather may also be included in an HOI plan. Understanding what HOI is and how it works may help you determine the cost in your area.


How Much Does HOI Cost?

The price of HOI varies depending on where you live, the size of the home, and the type of coverage available. Another factor is how much it costs to rebuild a home if it becomes ruined by damage like fire.

HOI may also vary based on special provisions like an insurance for war, floods, and severe weather. Insurance for damage caused by pets will also raise the premium.


Does Everyone Have HOI?

No, some homeowners may not have homeowners insurance. Legally, residents aren’t required by law to insure their homes, so there may be cases where people don’t have a policy.

That said, most companies that provide mortgages require homeowners to enrol in insurance plans to prevent a loss of capital if something happens. Additionally, mortgage insurance is also available for similar purposes.


How to Find Information About Homeowners Insurance?

Information about someone’s homeowner’s insurance is not always available in the public record, so you’ll have to contact them if you want to file a claim.

While it’s hard to find information about a specific HOI policy, it’s possible to estimate the cost of HOI or what policy types are available in an area with a public records search tool.


How to Find Information About HOI Policies in Your Area?

When it comes to public record search tools, you want to use the best possible tool. So, you’ll want databases that include accurate information that’s current or within at least one year. This is where comes into play, which is our favourite address lookup tool.

Information’s website has an address lookup tool that allows you to find information about an address. When you enter an address into the tool, you can learn about who lives there, estimations on the value of the home, and much more. Therefore, you can deduce some information about potential HOI policies and their cost in your area.

What’s more? It reveals additional information about properties.

You can find the following information about an address when you run a search with

  • Owners of the home
  • Past owners of the home
  • Sex offender status of residents
  • Criminal records of residents
  • Court records of residents
  • Liens on the home
  • Purchase records

You may find some or all of this information when you look into an address.


How to Find HOI Policies Online?

Another way to find details about an HOI policy is online. It’s possible to Google policy providers in your area to learn about potential insurance plans.

Calling the company or visiting their website will provide you with the specific details you’re looking for. Online forums and other resources on Google will also help you find information about HOI in your area.


Find Information About Homeowners Insurance Today

Homeowners’ insurance is an integral part of owning a home. Without coverage, you’re liable for stolen goods, property damage, and other expenses like damage from severe weather. Therefore, it’s important to consider the options you have available in your area to find the best homeowners insurance that fits your needs.

To help you narrow down your search, public record search tools like will help you find common policy information in your area.



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