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Can you give me a list of all liabilities in accounting?


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    Yes, Arjun I will provide you with an exclusive list of all the liabilities in accounting and further classify them under short-term and long-term liabilities. The major reason behind this classification is only to develop a better understanding of liabilities. I hope this list will help you and fulfil your requirements.

    Short-Term Liabilities


    The term short-term liabilities refers to the short- term financial obligations of companies, firms or enterprises to make the payments to these loans within one accounting period(i.e., within a year). These loans are generally taken to meet day to day working capital requirements of an organization such as the purchase of raw materials. Short-term liabilities are also known as current liabilities.

    Exclusive List of Items

    1. Bills payable/Trade payable
    2. Sundry creditors
    3. Accrued liabilities
    4. Term debt
    5. Advances and deposits received
    6. Short-term obligations
    7. Unearned revenue
    8. Salaries and wages payables
    9. Sales tax payable
    10. Bank loan
    11. Outstanding expenses
    12. Merchandise accounts payable
    13. Deferred revenue
    14. Commercial paper
    15. Credit-card debt
    16. Bank overdraft
    17. Dividends payable
    18. Customer deposits
    19. Current portion of long-term debt
    20. Short-term provisions and reserves
    21. Accrued payroll
    22. Notes payable to banks
    23. Short-term loans and advances
    24. Rent payable
    25. Other short-term debts


    Long-Term Liabilities


    The term long-term liabilities refers to the long-term financial obligations of the firms, companies or enterprise which remains due for more than one accounting period. Generally, such loans are either taken to acquire fixed assets or to make payment to a long-term debt such as payments to debenture holders. Long-term liabilities are also known as long-term debt or non-current liabilities.

    Exclusive List of Items

    1. Long-term borrowings/debts
    2. Specific loans for purchasing fixed assets
    3. Deferred tax liabilities
    4. Derivative liabilities
    5. Pension obligations
    6. Capital leasing
    7. Car payments
    8. Convertible debt
    9. Long-term provisions and contingencies
    10. Bonds payable
    11. Pension liabilities
    12. Debentures
    13. Mortgages payable
    14. Public deposits
    15. Long-term warrants
    16. Long-term notes payable
    17. Loans from shareholders
    18. Lease contracts
    19. Post-retirement benefits reserve
    20. Deferred long-term liability charges
    21. Deferred compensation
    22. Other non-current liabilities


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