Can you show 30 transactions of journal, ledger, trial balance, and financial statements?

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Let’s take a set of transactions and prepare all the requisite information asked.

Following are the transactions for the period April 20×1 to March 20×2 in the books of Michael Traders

1-Apr Michael started a business with cash 600,000, cash at Bank of America 700,000, furniture 200,000.
1-Apr Purchased Plant & Machinery worth 250,000 by cheque.
25-Apr Purchased goods from ABC Ltd worth 800,000 @10% trade discount.
5-May Cash Sales 1,000,000 @5% trade discount to XYZ Traders
15-May Deposited cash with Bank of America 500,000.
5-Jun Paid ABC Ltd 300,000 in cash.
10-Jun Received commission 75,000 by cheque.
25-Jun Cash Purchases 250,000.
5-Jul Sold goods to XYZ Traders 475,000.
15-Jul Received 275,000 by cheque from XYZ Traders.
5-Aug Loan taken from Bank of America 200,000
25-Aug Purchased goods from ABC Ltd 50,000.
27-Aug Withdrew cash from bank 10,000.
5-Sep Received commission 55,000 in cash.
10-Sep Paid ABC Ltd 70,000 by cheque.
20-Sep Received 90,000 in cash from XYZ Traders.
1-Oct Bank loan repaid 50,000.
25-Oct Cash Purchases 25,000.
5-Nov Sold goods to XYZ Traders 47,000.
15-Nov Withdrew cash from bank 15,000.
5-Dec Received interest from bank 5,000.
25-Dec Purchased goods from ABC Ltd 75,000.
5-Jan Cash Sales 100,000.
15-Jan Deposited cash with Bank of America 35,000.
25-Feb Cash Purchases 450,000.
28-Feb Office was taken on rent in the month of Feb. Office rent paid in cash 50,000.
28-Feb Employees were hired in the month of Feb. Paid salary by cheque 30,000 & cash 30,000 for the month of Feb 20×2.
5-Mar Sold goods to XYZ Traders 675,000.
31-Mar Paid office rent by cheque 50,000.
31-Mar Paid salary in cash 30,000 for the month of March 20×2.


You are required to;
(i) Journalize the above transactions and post them in Ledgers and prepare a Trial Balance.

(ii) Prepare Trading A/c, Profit & Loss A/c and Balance Sheet taking into consideration:

1. Closing Stock as of 31st March 20×2 is 200,000.
2. Salary outstanding for the month of March 20×2 is 30,000.
3. Depreciation@10% to be charged on Furniture & Fixtures and @15% on Plant & Machinery.


1. Journal Entries

April & May Journal

June-Aug Journal

Sep-Nov Journal

Dec-Jan Journal

Feb-March Journal


2. Ledgers

Ledger-Micheal Capital A/c

Ledger-Purchases & Sales A/c

Ledger-Furniture A/c & Plant & Machinery A/c

Ledger-Creditor & Debtor A/c

Ledger-Bank Loan A/c

Ledger-Salary & Office Rent A/c

Ledger-Interest & Commission received A/c

Ledger-Cash A/c

Ledger-Bank of America A/c


3. Trial Balance

Trial Balance


4. Trading A/c & Profit and Loss A/c

Trading A/c and Profit & Loss A/c


5. Balance Sheet

Balance Sheet

An Excel sheet of the entire transactions along with the requisite information asked has been attached for your reference.



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