Using Your Businesses Cash Flow For Loans


Businesses Cash Flow For Loans

Are you looking for a loan to keep your business ‘s cash flowing? Sometimes you need help to keep your business fluid and it may be that you need a cash flow loan. There are many quick collateral-free loans available to help you. There is no risk to your business assets with a cash flow loan and it can only make things better.


Are There Different Types of Loans?

Yes, there are four main options with a cash flow loan. Whether you need an invoice loan, a short-term loan, a cash advance loan, or a business line of credit it is vital that you investigate the options available to you. They all have a variety of terms and conditions and with careful consideration, you should pick the one most suited to your needs.

1. Business Lines of Credit

Quite simply one of the most flexible options around. The lender will allocate you a set amount which you can draw from when you need it. Once you repay the debt in full it refills and you can keep using the funds as you see fit. It has the feel of a credit card loan in that as long as you repay the minimum stated amount on the time you won’t incur any penalties.

These loans can be secured or unsecured in that they do not need collateral to obtain one. This is a good option if you need to boost your cash flow. If your financial records are up to date you may receive the cash the same day you apply.

2. Short-Term Loans

Similar to a traditional business loan but with a shorter-term repayment plan these also allow you to access funds immediately. You may have to start the repayments on a daily or weekly basis but a quick repayment can give the business owner peace of mind.

This might be the perfect solution during the busiest months of the year when a sudden injection of funds is required. If your business grows suddenly then this short term loan might just help with the flow.

3. Invoice Financing

This is the perfect solution if you are waiting for invoices to be paid. With an invoice finance loan, the credit company will check your creditworthiness and offer your terms based on the quality of your invoices. It would be a shame if you missed out on buying parts for a large order because you were waiting for someone to pay you.

You should receive around 85 % of the value of the company’s invoices which you can repay as your invoices are paid. The typical fee for this service is 2-3% plus a time related “factor fee”. This loan is collateral-free.


4. Merchant Cash Advance

This type of loan is a good option if your business receives money from credit cards. The merchant advance company will loan you money which you will repay as part of your daily credit card sales.

This daily repayment might mean that you have to change credit card providers if you do not work with a company on their list. This option is a little more costly than the others so a thorough investigation in all options is advisable. Ultimately you will make the best decision for your own business.



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