What is Commercial Real Estate or CRE?

CRE - Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate

CRE (Commercial Real Estate) is also called Commercial property, investment property or income property. It is mainly related to all real estate which is used for business purposes to generate income. Examples of such real estate include shopping malls, restaurants, business offices, hotels etc.

Commercial real estate includes any type of property or vacant piece of land which fetches or has the potential to fetch income. From a business point of view, commercial real estate is any kind of commercial space that can be leased (or at times bought) for the use of operating a business. A commercial real estate (CRE) is usually leased and the owner collects a monthly or yearly payment in lieu of its usage by the tenants. 


CRE - Commercial Real Estate - Infographic


It can be categorized into a different type of property such as if it is a mall then the property falls under retail type, here is a quick look on the top categories:

  • Retail
  • Leisure
  • Offices
  • Industrial
  • Healthcare
  • *Residential

Few of the top known real estate landlords of the world are CBRE Group, Knight Frank, GE capital real estate, AMB Property, Prologis, Simon Property Group, Agile Property, General Growth Properties, ING Clarion, LaSalle Investment Management, RREEF, DLF, EMAAR etc.



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  3. A commercial real estate is one of the key kinds of real estate, along with industrial real estate and residential real estate. It encompasses the property such as land, which has the ability to bring earnings. You can classify the commercial property as – land, office, retail, industrial, multi-family etc. It does not matter what kind of commercial deal you are going to make, if you have an accomplished commercial estate representative then you can crack the deal evenly without any complication.

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