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Can I get cash book and bank reconciliation examples?


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    Examples of Bank Reconciliation Statement

    Illustration 1,

    From the following particulars prepare a Bank Reconciliation Statement on 31st January XXXX

    1. Debit Balance as per Cash Book 48,000.
    2. Cheque of 37,000 was deposited and collected by the bank but not recorded in Cash Book.
    3. Purchased Furniture and payment by the debit card 25,000, was not recorded in Cash Book.
    4. A cash deposit of 26,000 was recorded in the cash column of Cash Book.



    Bank Reconciliation from cash book to pass book

    Illustration 2,

    From the following particulars prepare a Bank Reconciliation Statement on 31st October XXXX

    1. Pass Book of Ms Jane shows an overdraft of 50,000.
    2. Cheques issued but not presented for payment to bank 40,000.
    3. Payment side, bank column of Cash Book was undercast by 500.
    4. Interest on overdraft charged by the bank was 1,500.



    Bank Reconciliation Statement

    Examples of Cash Book

    Illustration 1,

    Date Particulars Amount
    1st March XXXX Cash in Hand 2,500
    5th  March XXXX Cash paid to Mr Allen 1,000
    16th  March XXXX Cash Sales 1,500
    25th  March XXXX Paid Salary 500



    Adjustments in the cash book

    Illustration 2,

    Prepare a 2 column cash book

    Date Particulars Amount
    1st Oct XXXX Bank Balance 52,000
    1st Oct XXXX Cash Balance 15,000
    4th  Oct XXXX Purchased goods and payment made by cheque 15,000
    16th  Oct XXXX Sold goods for cash 8,000
    25th  Oct XXXX Paid rent by cheque 500
    26th  Oct XXXX Purchased goods for cash 10,000



    Cash Book with both cash and bank columns


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