What is a Purchase Book?

Purchase Book

It is also known as a Purchase journal, Invoice book or Purchase daybook. A purchase book is a special-purpose subsidiary book prepared by a business to record all credit purchases. Nowadays all these recordings occur in ERPs and only small firms resort solely to notebooks or MS Excel.

A few things to note are,

  • Purchases recorded are only for goods or items related to core business operations of a company i.e. goods procured for resale.
  • Example – If a grocery business purchases office furniture it will not be posted in the purchases book as it is considered as a “purchase of an asset” and not goods.
  • Cash purchases are recorded in the cash book and credit purchases are recorded in the purchase book.


Sample Format or Template

Purchase Book Template

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Prepare the purchase subsidiary book of Unreal Pvt Ltd. from the following details.

Jan 7 – Purchased 10 Keyboards from ABC Co. for 300 each (for resale, invoice # 60)

Jan 24 – Purchased 5 headphones from XYZ Co. for 200 each (for resale, invoice # 75)


The Book of Purchases for Unreal Pvt Ltd.

Purchase Book example template

The total purchases at the time of preparing the above records are 4,000 made from 2 companies ABC Co. (3,000) & XYZ Co. (1,000)


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