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    List of Current Assets and Current Liabilities  S.no Current Assets Current Liabilities 1. Sundry Debtors Sundry Creditors 2. Bills Receivables Bills Payables 3. Closing Stock Bank Loan 4. Short-term Investments Outstanding Expenses 5. Prepaid/Unexpired Expenses Salaries and Wages Payable 6. MarketaRead more

    List of Current Assets and Current Liabilities

     S.noCurrent AssetsCurrent Liabilities
    1.Sundry DebtorsSundry Creditors
    2.Bills ReceivablesBills Payables
    3.Closing StockBank Loan
    4.Short-term InvestmentsOutstanding Expenses
    5.Prepaid/Unexpired ExpensesSalaries and Wages Payable
    6.Marketable SecuritiesShort-term Obligations
    7.Cash in HandAccrued Liabilities
    8.Cash at BankNotes Payable
    9.Notes ReceivableShort-term Loans
    10.Interest ReceivablesUnearned Revenue
    11.Short-term Loans and AdvancesBank Overdraft
    12. Unused Office SuppliesRent Payable
    13.Merchandise InventoryMerchandise Accounts Payable
    14.Accrued IncomeCustomer Deposits
    15.Other Current AssetsOther Current Liabilities

    Placement in the Balance Sheet

    Current Assets and Current Liabilities

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